Are You Ready To Monetize?

The key to being able to truly monetize online is by being able to provide unique solutions to your audience.  Some of your audience may prefer physical products while the rest may be interested in learning from or working with you.

Most programs teach you one or the other.

They want you to focus on being either an eCommerce company or coach.

In Monetized to the Max, I teach you BOTH!

I give you all the tools that you need to create a monetized platform the way that you decide!

Personality Type

You see the problem with a lot of online business programs is that they they teach to use a cookie cutter template system.

You’re unique.

There are certain aspects of your personality that may not fit certain business models.

That’s why we need to start with you understanding which business models are best for your personality type.

How do I know all of this?  Well, currently I coach women entrepreneurs to package their expertise into premium coaching programs that many of them charge thousands of dollars for.  However, I first started online business with a jewelry and tee shirt boutique AND I LOVED IT!

People enjoy buying unique products of quality.  AND if you have a good product it will essentially sell itself again & again.

Let’s talk about your coaching program!  If you are someone with a big heart and even bigger mission, then selling your professional services can add a ton of fulfillment in your life and let’s not forget a heap of money.

Here’s The Thing…. You can make significant money from either business model.

It doesn’t have to be this one or the other situation that many “Gurus” tell you to focus on. You can Monetize utilizing BOTH methods.  

Selling Physical Products + Coaching

The key is to success is doing business in a way that feels like a right fit to YOU.

In this program, I am going to teach you the different factors involved with different online business models so that you can custom design a business model that works best for your temperament.   I want you to be able to serve from from a full cup.

By understanding your personality type, + the dominant traits required for certain business models you will be fully equipped to choose a strategy that lights you up, constantly refilling your cup, and doesn’t drain you.

Physical Products

There’s something about a customer receiving a physical item in their mailbox. It feels like Christmas! They are excited to receive items they can touch, feel, and use. 

The best thing about selling physical products online is that many times, you don’t have to buy upfront inventory if you know which companies to partner with.  

The keys to launching physical products are:

1) Where to purchase them from 

2) Where to get them manufactured 

3) How to launch with as minimal upfront investment as possible

In this course, I’ll teach you how to identify viable manufacturers for you concept.

I’ll also share with you how I was able to create a product that I was initially quoted upwards of $10K upfront cost for as little as 1 percent of that initial quote!


By the time I’m finished with you, you will be able to navigate through the internet streets with clarity, confidence, and most importantly execution!

While everyone else is focused on primarily generating money one way, you’ll be equipped to monetize utilizing several different income streams. 

#STAYREADY While your competitors are scrambling and trying to figure out what works, Monetized to The Max will have you READY to handle any opportunities that come your way. 


Coaching & Consulting

The best way to help someone to gain transformative results is by working directly with them.  As a purpose driven entrepreneur, I already now that it’s important for you to know that you are adding immense value to the lives of your clients.  Not only will you be able to work with them in a deeper and more meaningful way that creates greater results, but coaching & consulting is the perfect way to generate larger ticket sales in your business.  

The problem is, most new coaches/consultants don’t know how to 1)identify their ideal customer and 2) package up their expertise in a way that aligns with their personal values + the value that they pass along to their clients.  I’m going to show you how to properly position your expertise for success in your industry, serve delighted and raving clients, and take your premium payout to the bank!

What if you could stop winging it on your sales calls and instead have a brilliantly crafted conversation that invokes connection and psychology based buying triggers that increases your conversions?  Sounds Good Doesn’t It?

Strategy + Accountability

Not only do you get immediate access to GAME CHANGING course materials, but we meet as a group twice monthly inside of my virtual meeting space.


I’m Brandy Butler, Digital Business Strategist.  I help women to package their expertise into premium programs and books that they are known for.  I have helped 100s of women to start their online businesses and I have helped dozens to publish books, gain professional speaking opportunities and create service-based programs that they charge several of thousands for.  Some of my clients have reported booking clients of $15K and $60K after working with me!

I have a big heart and a whole lot of gusto and I believe in the power of online business, I’ve witnessed it’s effects firsthand !  I have no tolerance for BS, excuses, blaming or shading.  I’m here to do business and to help you do the same!

I’ve worked with tons of women with different mindsets, and I while I do utilize formulas, I don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches.  My goal for my clients is to provide them a proven framework that they can then customize to fit their own unique lifestyles and personality types.

Isn't It Time That You Offered Premium Programs + Products?

Who This is For...

High Energy Women who want to work to both A) Work with Amazing Clients -and- B) Produce & Sell Quality Physical Products with Minimal Time & Upfront Investment Women who want to fast track their results. Women who want to work towards hitting their first 6 figures online. Entrepreneurs who want to increase their daily, weekly, and monthly sales. Women ready to play a bigger game Action Takers That Are Ready to Dive IN.