How would it feel if you had your very own products to sell?

Beautiful Products That Match Your Brand?

Would you like to have your own eCommerce store?

Are you tired of not maximizing your online presence in the form of product sales?

Would you like to know simple strategies for getting started with products sales with little to no inventory costs?

Can you imagine participating at vendor and exhibitor events with your booth being beautifully covered with your very own uniquely designed merchandise and you leaving the event not only with SOLD inventory but new contacts for potential lifetime customers and next level clients?

While it’s true that a great percentage of my business is generated from coaching and consulting services, selling physical products online was MY FIRST BUSINESS LOVE!

My first venture with online product sales was back in 2012 selling handmade jewelry and custom tee shirts.  Thanks to the internet, I’ve been able to sell my products throughout the United States and internationally!  I’ve happily shipped my products to far away places such as Africa, Japan, and the UK.

While popular commerce platforms come & go, the general rules to online selling stay the same!

If you’d like to jumpstart your online product sales journey, this introductory class will get you started!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Powerful Product Lab

    • Welcome to Powerful Product Lab

    • How to Use This Course:

  • 2

    Drop Shipping 101

    • Powerful_Product_Lab

    • Drop Shipping 101

    • Things To Consider When Working With Manufacturers Overseas

    • Powerful Product Clarity Worksheet

  • 3

    Working With Manufacturers

    • Finding Manufacturers

  • 4

    Print On Demand

    • Note - How I Fast Track Product Design

    • POD printed stationary (1)

    • Setting Up Products In Vervante

    • Metallic Foil Products and Printed Mint

  • 5

    Product Styling

    • Using Metallics & Clip Art

    • Helpful Design & Web Concepts

    • Resource Tool Box

    • Brand Style Guide Template

  • 6

    Beginning Shopify

    • Shopify Overview

    • Shopify Store Theme

  • 7

    Shopify Settings & Apps

    • Shopify Settings

    • Leveraging Shopify Apps

  • 8

    BONUS - Additional Resources

    • Powerful Product Lab - Live Class Archive

    • BONUS - Navigating Through PicMonkey (Bare Basics for Beginners)

    • Simple Creations Using Canva

    • Graphic Design Editor Basic Function Help

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