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Are you a female creative entrepreneur who is ready to live your very best life? Are you someone who is tired of watching the wild successes of others from the sideline? Are you exhausted with your current 9 – 5 and you are beyond ready to perform work that you love? Afterall, You KNOW you have value You KNOW the same level of knowledge or even more information than your peers You KNOW that you have been doing the work SOOOOO why aren’t you making the type of money you deserve? I know just how you feel, I’ve been there before. You see before I started to invest in coaching and personal development, I had tried just about every single online business model available. I have sold physical products, tried my hand at network marketing (albeit short lived, I respect the industry, but its not my thing), and I even tried my hand at non-profit work (for some reason I didn’t realize that you could be both motivational & for profit). It wasn’t until I connected to a blueprint and started moving in alignment with my true purpose and calling that I was able to create momentum in my business.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Signature Brand Authority!
    • How to Use This Course:
    • Welcome to Signature Brand Authority!
  • 2
    Create Your Signature Program
    • Steps to Structure Your Signature Program
    • Planning Your Program Delivery
    • Creating High Value
    • Structure_Your_Signature_Program_1 (1)
    • Creating Transformational Coaching Programs (1)
    • Creating Your Coaching Program - TO DO LIST
  • 3
    • Showing Up As A Professional Coach/Consultant
    • Making Momentum Moves
    • CEO Mindset
  • 4
    Coaching Sales
    • Sales Overview
    • Clarity Session Mastery Script
    • Sales Ninja Responses (1)
    • Techniques for Driving Sales
    • Sales By Saturday
  • 5
    Creating Your Course
    • Planning Your Course
    • Building Your Course Materials
    • Building Your Course Input (template)
    • Course Format and Delivery
    • Cashable Course Design Worksheet
    • Cashable_course_checklists
    • Course Delivery Considerations
    • Create Your Course Progress tracking-sheet
  • 6
    Video & Webinars
    • Showing Up Pro in Video
    • Get It Done With Video - Handout
    • Crafting Webinars
    • Webinar Considerations (1)
    • Scheduling Webinars
  • 7
    FB Ads
    • FB Ads Overview
    • Setting Up FB Ad Campaigns Part 1
    • FB Ad Campaign Part 2

There's No Need To Struggle With Your Coaching Programs!

Here's What You'll Learn...

  • How to develop an Irresistible Brand Story, so that you can resonate and connect with your ideal client at a deep level.

  • How to package up your expertise so that you can work with premium clients

  • Know how to bundle up your genius and talent into a program that is highly transformative.

  • Exactly how to hone in on and speak to your ideal client/customer magnetize and attract your ideal client. I call this Client Connection rather than Client Attraction.

  • You’ll now how to establish yourself as an undeniable authority in your market place so that you become apparent as THE ONLY CHOICE for your dream clients to work with

  • How to create highly targeted Facebook ads in order to connect with your ideal client

  • How to market yourself with Client Converting Webinars

  • A repeatable system so that you know "how to fish" and create impact whenever you desire

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There is Provision in Your Purpose!

Here's What Some of My Clients Have Experienced Through Working With Me...

Michelle Rhodes,  RN, MHS, THE Coach for Nurse Entrepreneurs

“I’m Now Working With Several Premium Clients & Have Launched My First Course!”

Michelle Rhodes, RN, MHS, THE Coach for Nurse Entrepreneurs

Before working with Brandy, I was at a loss on how to structure the marketing of my business, and how to create a BIG BRAND. My pricing was totally off as well. With her powerful and direct approach, I left each Coaching session crystal clear, and amazing action steps. So far, I have an awesome system that leads my clients from one step to the next. I have landed new clients and exceeded my initial income goals. I look forward to launching my book this summer along with a BIG live event! I am so excited about my future of helping Nurses start their own businesses! Words can’t express how proud I am of myself for taking the leap of faith to work with her. I knew in my heart after meeting her that she was the real deal and her work speaks for itself. I would HIGHLY recommend Brandy to anyone in need of clarity, awesome strategy, and next level outcomes in your business.
Deletra Hudson, The Financial Educator

Booked a $60K Client and Sold Over 1500 Books to One Organization!

Deletra Hudson, The Financial Educator

Brandy Butler was the push I needed to guide me to achieve my goal of being a business owner, author and speaker. It was my coaching with Brandy that helped me that I published my book in less than 3 months of making the decision to get it done. Brandy’s encouraged me to be more visible has opened many opportunities for speaking engagements that I didn’t conceive existed. I am grateful for the positive, knowledgeable and motivating spirit that she possesses and exudes throughout her coaching. I hired Brandy because I was on a mission to achieve my ultimate goal of being a successful entrepreneur, but little did I know of how massive the entrepreneurial world would be for me and I needed Brandy Butler to help guide my path to success. My life is forever changed!
Shamieka Dean, Purpose & Profit Strategist

I officially launched my business coaching business securing more premium clients no less than $1500 per client.

Shamieka Dean, Purpose & Profit Strategist

I’ve learned to trust my gifts, go bigger and get the win! Brandy really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. She challenged me and made me show up in a new way every day. I booked my first premium client the second month of working with Brandy. Go for it! She knows her stuff and she’ll push you right out of your comfort zone and into your destiny.